Energy Auditing

A.  Utility Cost – We will evaluate your building’s utility bills with a view toward creating savings by way of:

  1. Determining if you are presently billed on the most advantageous rate available, based on your usage and demand profile, on the lowest cost rate available.

  2. Determining if you are penalized by excess demand charges, non-average power factors or other adjustments.

  3. Provide competitive bids for your electric and natural gas supply from all licensed and reputable suppliers.

  4. Provide guidance in reduction of high demand peak usage.


All four steps of Part A, Utility Cost, will be provided at no cost or obligation to the client. The expiration of rate caps for electricity in Pa. provides an opportunity for substantial cost savings via the competitive marketplace. Beyond Utility Cost review, we also offer a Level One Energy Audit, as outlined in Paragraphs B,C,D & E below. This Audit is based on ASHRAE procedures for Commercial Energy Audits.


B.  Lighting Systems

  1. Evaluate the buildings lighting system, with respect to efficiency and performance.

  2. Evaluate the level of potential savings by way of lighting retrofit.

  3. Provide guidance for lighting controls changes.


C.  Building Envelope

  1. Provide a capacity computation to confirm that the existing HVAC systems match the capacity needs of the building, based on existing operating conditions.

  2. Provide solutions for reducing system operating cost by installing part load control, and other such strategies.


D.  Thermal Systems

  1. Provide a walk through inspection of all systems, including heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and domestic hot water.

  2. Evaluate existing HVAC maintenance programs and reports.

  3. Provide an estimate of how efficiently HVAC energy is being used based on operating hours, setback & economizer controls, ventilation air volume and other strategies.


E.  Electric Motors

  1. Survey all large motors as to efficiency, proper ventilation, etc.

  2. Evaluate feasibility of changing to high efficiency motors and variable frequency drives.

Energy Engineering Associates: Providing Solutions To Lower Your Energy Costs

We have expanded our Consulting Engineering service to include Energy Auditing and solutions for Utility Cost Reduction. We hope this new service may be of interest to your company. We are certified in Energy Auditing by The Association of Energy Engineers, an internationally recognized authority on Energy Engineering. The process we follow involves investigating and reporting to our clients on opportunities for Energy Cost Reduction in their buildings in the following areas:

At the conclusion of the Level One Audit, we will report on all areas of potential energy savings, prioritized and requiring minimal or no investment on your part. This Level One Audit is performed at an agreed to cost. If you wish, we can then perform a Level Two Audit, which is more detailed, and will identify further steps that can be taken to reduce your energy cost. This will involve some investment and will include a simple payback estimate. We can also offer a scope of work for implementation of the recommendations, possible contractor list and an oversight of the work for compliance and best practices.


Looking forward to working with you in reducing your energy cost.

Summary Resume


300 Tyler Court, Unit 414 Phila PA 19111

215 740 0285

Joseph B. McHugh, PE

Consulting Engineer, specializing in Energy Auditing & Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design for Commercial, Industrial and Industrial Buildings.


My experience covers over 40 years as both a Consulting Engineer and CEO/Owner of a Design/Build HVAC company.

  • CEO & Founder McHugh Service Co. 1967-1999

  • CEO & Founder Joseph B McHugh,PE Conslting Engineers 1999 to present


Education: BS Mechanical/Industrial Engineering from Drexel University

Professional affiliations:

  • Registered Professional Engineer, PE

  • Life Member of The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) by The Association of Energy Engineers 

  • Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) by The Association of Energy Engineers 

  • Member of The Association of Energy Engineers. 

  • Expert Witness Panel for The Advisory Service for Attorneys,Blue Bell Pa